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Date : 27 January 2021

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  • Rupe Ramesh

My First Day of 2021 !!!


Here’s wishing everyone a healthy 2021! This New year’s day is indeed memorable to me, a day full of broad smiles, excited tiny voices and happy faces.

It was all of a sudden I felt the urge to do something for the kids on New Year day who are sick and not in a position to celebrate. It was for the first time I thought of helping someone whom I do not know. And I was sure that the kids in the Children’s ward of Ernakulam General Hospital shouldn’t be left out. At once, I spoke to my classmate, Dr. Sreeja, who is a paediatrician there and got an idea about the formalities. She was very encouraging.

Soon, I was in the Children’s ward with a bag of gifts appropriate to one’s age and gender. I would like to thank Dr. Noushad for giving me the details of each kid and for getting consent from the superintendent, Dr. Anitha. I also would like to thank Dr.Bilu and Head nurse Sheela (my college mate) for their support and help.

Handing over the gifts calling out their names was a wonderful experience. It was so pleasing to watch them unwrap the gifts, play and walk around in excitement with their toys and board games.

And, as an educator, I wish all my students and everyone in their families would make the needy smile whenever possible!!!

Rupe Ramesh
Teacher, The Choice School
Kochi, India


Rupe Ramesh

12, The Choice school, Tripunithura, Kochi, Kerala

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