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Poem – A shore to behold!

Columbus’ men we were proud to be
Sailing adventurously through the sea
We never expected it to be stormy or cold
Yet now we’d give anything for a shore to behold

We sail, sail and sail some more
Confidently waiting to find a new shore
Yet on and on as we sail
We find nothing but ocean, rain, and hail

As if in a witches brew
Or a giants nightly stew
We were thrown, turned, and tossed about
Like a stormy tunnel with no way out

We were nothing but stormy, cold, and sore
We didn’t think we could go on anymore
Our admiral said to sail on and on
All we wanted was to turn around and begone

We should rise up against the admiral’s wishes
Just then through the storm, waves and fishes
We saw ashore, how could this be!
And what a shore to behold, though we.


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Aashni Shah

7, Vibgyor, Pune, Maharashtra

Comments: 1
  1. Curious Kitty says:

    Amazing Poem Aashni! Kudos.
    Look forward to your participation in the Creative Writing Challenge too!

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