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Tribute to all doctors

Doctors all over the world are given the stature next to God. It happens so mostly because they are lifesavers who work tirelessly for mankind. Moreover, being a doctor is considered one of the most sought-after professions. People want their kids to become doctors and they instill this dream in them from an early age.The doctors originating from India are reaching new heights globally abroad. However, when we talk about the medical scenario within the country, we see how it’s quite worrying.

In other words, all capable and talented doctors are moving abroad in search of better job opportunities and facilities. Therefore, we see there is a lack of doctors in the country to cater to the ever-growing population.

But if we see on the bright side, we will notice how Indian doctors are very charitable in comparison to doctors from other countries. As India has been a country of tradition, the qualities are deeply rooted in our culture. This reflects in the medical scenario of the country as well. Indian doctors are very much in demand all over the world. Similarly, you will find a good number of Indian doctors working in various countries. Needless to say, India is a reservoir of doctors. It has a massive amount of medical colleges and produces thousands of doctors annually. In addition, our doctors work everywhere ranging from small villages to big metro cities.


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Prakshaal Jain

10, DLDAV MODEL SCHOOL , Shalimar BaghNew Delhi

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