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Image depicting Ways to resolve matters between teens and parents

Ways to resolve matters between teens and parents

Image depicting Ways to resolve matters between teens and parents

Good ways to resolve matters between teens and parents

It is indeed a topic for this highly technology-run society. The hi-tech world has altogether changed the scenario of an otherwise simple, man-run life. In older times, Life was simple, in the sense that there was neither a lot of money, nor many facilities. People were working hard, doing all tasks by themselves, perhaps, in groups or being around each other. They were busy in a way. And being together created an emotional bond amongst them.

But today, the world has changed. The technology has taken over. Man is working alone, in one room, without needing anyone else – The Bond is waving and so are the emotions. People don’t have time for ‘emotional’ moments. As a result, relations are drifting apart.
This is the kind of atmosphere at home front. Parents are working, they don’t have time for children. Children, on their part, miss their parents’ presence. All this leads to arguments between parents and children, especially, in the teenager category, because they are not mature enough at the moment.

However, it is important to explore ways to resolve such matters. Let us take one route at a time.

First of all, they must realize that their children are in a different social setup than they were in. Today, studies are harder, competition is tough. The curriculum is vast and demands too much hard-work. Extra-curricular activities, at times, too become difficult to cope up with. It’s no longer a 5-question-answer kind of an exam to be attempted; but is exhaustive. To say the least, children are burdened with their academics.

As far children, they too need to understand that their parents are working, they cannot devote time with or on them. In many ways, they have to manage their own schedule. They cannot be over-demanding, they cannot be rude or disobedient in case their parents are unable to attend to them.

They need to respect their parents’ hard-work and understand their difficulties. After all, they are their parents, struggling to provide their children with the best of everything.

Broadly and to conclude, we can say that both parents and children need to understand each others’ circumstances, and refrain from being too demanding. It would do well if they sit, discuss and share their concerns in a friendly and positive way, with the readiness of mind and heart. After all, they are ONE, one family, and sharing all, together.

Respect, Understanding and Trust for each other shall go a long way in bringing them together and closer.

Good ways to resolve matters between teens and parents

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