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Image depicting Sustainable Environment and Mother Earth

What has happened to our home

What has happened to our home?

A paradise filled with everything one could desire
The place where we are born, grow and then retire
A place so beautiful, so peaceful, so serene
has now become an unrecognizable scene
What has happened to our home?

Tranquil forest and jungles full of trees bountiful and huge
A place where various creatures find sustenance and seek refuge
Is now being destroyed as factories and buildings multiply and expand
We humans plagued by avarice have cruelly exploited this land
What has happened to our home?

Crystal clear oceans and seas where rippling waters flow
A place where countless plant and animal life continues to grow
This beautiful gift , we humans polluted and contaminated
Without water all life on earth will eventually be eliminated
What has happened to our home?

What has happened to our home?
Think about it, take a moment and pause
We are the very reason, we are the cause
It is now time for us to repent and feel the guilt
We must perisist until our paradise is rebuilt
We must work together to restore the earth
After all we only have one earth, one home.

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