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I, to you, do hereby claim, I’ll work harder every day…. battling every odd way

I still remember the day,
I held a crayon for the first time,
You drew with me
And we did sing and dance
To the tunes of a melodious rhyme.

Years flew by,
And crayons did turn
Into pens and set squares

But those times never did return.

I’ve changed a lot,
But you still remain

The beautiful old you used to be,
But now, nowhere is seen your cane.

Whenever I sobbed,
You hugged me with a smile,
That washed away my fears
And helped me go an extra mile.

The pleasures of an evening out
Are few and seldom to be shared,
But you always said that tomorrow’s lessons must have priority,
Must be checked and carefully prepared.

Natural numbers have now grown complex,
And now I wield my pen myself,
That you to me are someone who shall be,
Pure and graceful, leaving a deep legacy.

I, to you, do hereby claim,
That I’ll work harder every day 
And shall never let your name soiled
By battling every odd way.

But to you, I request, tell me not in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream
For it is the soul that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.

When we smiled, 
The world watched our bond-so strong;
All those who were questioning my abilities yesterday,
My teachers have proven them wrong. 



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