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Date : 26 July 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Mahi Hasija

Why do we love action movies?

I am not an action movie fan but a lot of my friends are. They are just awed by the violent movies but I would prefer to sit alone and read a book, rather than watching them. After a while, I noticed certain changes in my friends. They became violent and used a lot of swear words. This made me think about the mind-games played by violent TV shows and video games on innocent but capable-of-destruction minds of humans.

Are villains and heroes real?

It sometimes feels cool to watch a hero throwing some huge punches at a villain. It gives a kind of pleasure to watch your virtual six-packs character thrash some bad guys. But you very well know, it’s not reality. While many world organizations are trying not to support any kind of violence, but at the same time, some movies and online violent games are creating a negative impact on younger generations.

Every now and then, it’s quite common to find a new superhero movie being released in theatres. These superheroes fight the ‘so called’ villains to bring peace on earth but unfortunately, they give rise to war inside the audience. They inspire people to follow them. Hence many people take up to violence for as revenge when bullied. Same is with video games, the ones playing get so much involved that they become aggressive on petty issues.

Are the villains fighting against human minds?

I feel that such superhero movies and online video games which play with human minds, indirectly promote violence. Whereas in reality, no such superhero comes to save lives when people are in trouble. I humbly suggest that such games should be banned on the internet so that young minds do not become more destructive and instead they should take the path of peace to resolve any issue.

We need our green spaces back

The main reason why indoor games are winning over outdoor games is, I think, the kind of concrete environment which is provided to children these days. If the green cover is increased and children are encouraged to play in and with nature and would become more happy beings. As a result, we may observe that the ‘dark an evil’ video game and many such TV programs losing their ground because right now, they are winning. 

Let’s promote shows and games to create a harmonious environment

Mahi Hasija


Mahi Hasija

Grade 9, DPS Rohini, New Delhi

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