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My Summer Trip To… Goa!

Hi, my name is Sanaa. Here is my most memorable summer trip.

Journey to Goa

On my summer trip to Goa, I went with my mother’s side of the family. So the family members who I went with were my 2 aunts and 2 uncles and 3 of my cousins and my grandparents. And yes, of course, and also my lovely parents. When I went to the airport in Delhi I saw my cousins waiting for me. We all checked in together and went on the plane together. This was the first flight I had with the family all of us together. When we landed we took a cab-bus to our hotel. During our small road trip we saw all the forests were lush green.

I sat with my 2 cousins on the plane, Maahi and Shaurya. During the small road trip, I sat with only Maahi because it was a 2 seater and Maahi wanted to sit with me.

Hotel Experience

We reached there on a Rakhi day and we tied Rakhi to our cousin brother.

Rakhi celebration in Goa

I don’t remember the name of the hotel I stayed in but it was great and gigantic. Even the restaurant in the hotel was huge. There was a really big pool and next to it was a beach. Even the buffet was outstanding.

Beaches and souvenirs

Every day in the morning and the evening we used to go to the beaches and the pool. And whenever we went to the pool it was always raining and when we were at the beach it was about to rain We went to 2 other beaches and had an incredible time. I spent most of my time on the beaches playing with the waves and my family. During my time on the second beach we brought souvenirs for our friends and family. There was a street shop where we bought those things.  For my friends I got those seashell bracelets. For myself I got 3 bracelets with special charms on them. I got 2 same ones for my other cousin sister same for the sister who went with me. I also got one whole big packet full of seashells for myself.


I had an awesome time in Goa and loved spending my time with my lovely family. So you should also visit Goa and have an amazing time with your family.

Sanaa is using her school break to write on Curious Times. She has contributed through book reviews – Sisters and Smile, movie review – Mangal Mission and many other articles.


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Sanaa Celly

5, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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